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Our Story

Our Story

We started BeautyTrendings because we wanted to make a change on how beauty products are sold, especially on social media. We see too many brands and stores promising instant beauty by the press of a button or overnight beauty.

We think everybody is beautiful the way they are already. Why do we sell Beauty Products then? That’s because we want our products to make a difference in someones life. You see, we believe everybody is beautiful, but sometimes it takes some help for them to see it. And if one of our products is the help a person needs to see that she/he is beautiful, then nothing could make us happier.

It’s an unbelievable feeling every time we get a message from one of our 1.000+ customers on social media or by email saying that someone enjoys one of our products soo much, she would not want to be without it. Or that someones life got better because of our products in it.

That’s what drives us and wants us to move forward. We see Beauty in everyone. We want you to be the best you – and to show the world that you’re beautiful.

Sarah & Niklas Mueller


Our Products

We deliver great products for amazing people. Everything related to beauty. Let us help you to become the most beautiful version of yourself with our products reaching from Hair Curlers over Makeup Gear to Nail Equipment.

We offer a 30-Day-Money-Back-Guarantee plus free Shipping for Orders exceeding 35$.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to get you to see the beauty in you and in everthing around you. With premium made and radically fair priced products.


Our Socials

We’re more than just an online retailer for beauty products. We’re a family on social media, where we not only talk about our products, but we feature beautiful people from all over the world no matter what race, gender or background – we belive everyone is beautiful.

Join us on instagram @beautytrendings and follow the movement.

We would love to feature you on our page. With or without one of our products. Just send us a DM with your Pictures or Videos and help us spread the message – everyone is beautiful.


Remember, you are beautiful.

Sarah & Niklas