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Partner Program

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How it works!

Let me explain how this all works! It’s super simple. (Check out the video below if you want a full understanding on how it works!).


1. Step: You can browse through our online store at and look at all the products.

2. Step: You now can choose a product you like and think your audience/followers would too!

3. Step: You create your custom link. (A tutorial on how to do this is further down on this page!)

4. Step: You can choose a promotion from our Google Drive Folder. (We have a seperate tutorial on how to do this further on this page or in our trainings playlist.) Or you choose to promote the product in another way you like!

5. Step: You take/create your promotion and post it to your social media profile. Consider using the caption/description templates we provide! (.txt files)

6. Step: You're done! Now we take over the rest. Everytime someone buys from your link we process the order and pay credit your account with the according commison. Once you hit 30$ in commisions you can ask for a payout and we will happily send you your well deserved money via Paypal or bank transfer! (Watch the video about payouts further down on this page!)


 How to sign up for the partner program:

 Step 1: Fill in all your information in the form below!

Step 2: Hit the blue 'Register' Button

Step 3: Done! If everything worked a field should pop up containing the link to your dashboard!


Sign up here for our partner program!

Further Information on how it works:

 [Important] - How to generate a Partner Link (for any product on the store):

 Step 1: Choose a product from our Store and copy it's URL

For example:

Step 2: Go to your Partner Dashboad and click on 'Generate other links'

Step 3: Paste the URL and hit 'Generate'

Step 4: Done! Now copy your affiliated link and start promoting!

Step 5: Watch the next video on how to shorten your link to make it look better!


How to make your partner link look better:

 Use services like or to shorten your link and make it look cleaner. It's up to you which link you use! (they both work the same)


How to get Promotion Images and Videos for your Product:

 Access the drive directory here:

Tipp: save this link as well as your dashboard link in one of your notes so you can access them anytime without any hassle.


How to promote your product the right way (on Instagram):


Follow this easy process and post your promotions the right way!


 Two different ways to promote the products! (very effective)


1. Use stories to promote

2. Take a regular post and add the promotion within a caroussel


 Watch the full trainings playlist on our YouTube Channel here.


See you inside the Partner Program!

 We'd love to assist you with any questions. Just hit us up on Instagram @beautytrendings or via with the subject line: "Affiliate Question"