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3 Ways To Clean Your Brushes ( Fast & Effective)

3 Ways To Clean Your Brushes ( Fast & Effective)

As someone who uses makeup brushes a whole lot and has a bunch of them, I can tell, it can be a daunting task to clean them. Especially if you have a lot oft hem. That’s why I’d like to share 3 fast ways to clean your brushes effectively!

First of all a quick note on why you should wash your brushes in the first place:

  1. Breakout Prevention
    If you don’t clean your makeup brushes, you’re more likely to experience breakouts and acne. Every time you use your makeup brushes, they collect everything that’s on your face, from oil to dead skin cells to dust. When you use a dirty makeup brush, you’re wiping these things all over your skin and clogging your pores, making it more likely that you’ll breakout in pimples and acne.
  1. They Can Contaminate Your Makeup
    Dirty makeup brushes are filled with germs and bacteria. Above, we talked about why this is bad for your skin, but it’s also bad for your makeup. When you use your dirty makeup brushes to go from one makeup product to the next, the bacteria taints them and your makeup will end up spoiling much quicker than it should.
  1. They’ll Last Longer
    Your makeup brushes are sure to last longer if you clean them! Any time you clean your makeup brushes, you’re preserving them and helping them last longer. Good makeup brushes are an investment, and the more you clean them, the longer that investment will last!
  1. Better Colour Application
    Clean makeup brushes apply colour so much better than dirty makeup brushes do. With makeup, oil and germs built up on your brushes, it’s harder for them to apply the colour precisely. This makes it tough to get your desired makeup look.
  1. Reduced Skin Irritation
    When your makeup brushes are caked on with product, they eventually dry up, becoming brittle and abrasive to your skin. Using scratchy makeup brushes on your skin can irritate it, roughen its texture and even make your skin look dull. Regularly cleaning your brushes keeps them remain nice and soft, so you can apply your makeup without feeling like you’re scratching your skin.
  1. They Have Negative Effects on Your Health
    With all the bacteria, dirt and germs dirty makeup brushes collect, they can have a negative impact on your internal health. Dirty brushes make it more likely for you to catch a viral infection like pink eye, especially if you share them with others.

Experts recommend you should wash your brushes after every use. But who has time for that? (Maybe you after 3 amazing ways shown in this article!) Here are my recommendations:

Concealer and Foundation Brushes: At least once a week. This will prevent build up of product and is key since these brushes are used directly on your face.

Eye Makeup Brushes: At least twice a month.

All other Brushes: Once a month.

Now that that’s out of the way let’s dive into the 3 Ways On How To Clean Your Brushes Fast (And Effectively)!

1. Electric Brush Cleaner

„Clean your brush within 10 seconds!“

Seems to good to be true, right?

But this product really comes up to its bold statement. I’m personally a owner of this little machine for a while now and I would not want to miss it in my arsenal. I was super suprised ny how well this really works and you can literally clean and dry a brush within 10-15 seconds.

This is especially great if you have a lot of brushes. It just saves you sooo much time and effort.

„I own over 50+ brushes and it took me about 2 hrs to wash all of them. Now it takes me around 30 minutes. I love it soo much.“ Theresa M. (Verified BeautyTrendings Buyer)

This is my Nr. 1 recommend for anyone who is too lazy, has little time or just no motivation to clean their brushes – get this device! You won’t regret it!

Check it out here:


2. Makeup Brushes Scrubber Mat

 The second on my list is this little Scrubber Mat right here. Not only does it look super cute, it also speeds up your cleaning process by quite a lot.

Simply attach it to your sink thanks to the suction cups on its back and start scrubbing your brushes. You will feel how easy it goes how effective it is. You only need to scrub a little to effectively clean your brushes.

Check out what a customer says about our Srubber Mat:

„I love this product! It's so easy to use and really speeds up the process. I think it works extra well with small brushes, although large brushes clean up pretty well too. I'm not sure what the purpose is of having section cups on the back because I just use one hand to hold the mat with the brush to wash in my other hand. It also looks nice and stores easily!“ - Adie C. (Verified BeautyTrendings Buyer)

So if you want to speed up your cleaning process with an investment of only 7.99$ - go and purchase a Makeup Brush Scrubber Mat:


3. Deep-cleaning with soap and water

For this method there is no extra product required – only soap and water. This process might take a little longer, but is very efficient as well.

Here are the steps:

  1. Holding your brushes with the bristles facing down, gently run lukewarm water in the sink and wet the tips of the bristles.
  2. Add a drop of your soap of choice to a textured cleansing pad (or even something like your palm), and swirl the brush into the soap until it’s fully lathered up and any pigment or dirt is removed. Or, if you’re using a bar soap, gently rub your makeup brush or sponge into the soap, creating a lather.
  3. Gently squeeze your makeup brush or sponge to remove any excess cleanser or water.
  4. Rinse again with clean water, with the bristles facing downward. Gowers notes that again, you don’t want to fully submerge the brush bristles, and that you should avoid rinsing under hot water, “which can loosen up the glue.”
  5. Gently squeeze out any excess water, and mold your bristles back into place so they will dry correctly.
  6. Lay your brushes flat to dry on a towel or paper towel. Schumacher says that when she does this step, she leaves the brush heads hanging over a table edge, “so there’s air circulating around the entirety of the bristles.”


So these are the 3 Ways On How To Clean Your Brushes (Fast & Effective). If you want to drastically speed up your cleaning process I’d highly recommend you Nr. 1 – the Brush Cleaner Pro! You can access all mentioned products right below and shop them here at BeautyTrendings!

I hope you enjoyed this article and I’d love to see you on the next one!

You are beautiful

Anna from BeautyTrendings