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3 Tricks for Fuller & Longer Lashes

3 Tricks for Fuller & Longer Lashes

If you want longer, fuller, thicker lashes without any extra hassle, you’re in the right place. In this article you’ll get to know 3 super simple & effective methods for gorgeous lashes.

Beautiful & full lashes make such a difference in you appearance!


Your eyelashes are the frame if your eyes. The protect your eyes from wind and flying object large and small, but they also play a huge role in your look. Long & full lashes give this mysterious, special and attractive touch to your appearance. And let’s be real: long & full lashes just look gorgeous!

That’s why here are 3 Tricks on how to get fuller and longer lashes:

1. Extension Mascara

Mascara as a way to make your lashes look better might be obvoius, but hear me out here.

There is a new wave of mascara products with special extension technology that won’t make your lashes clump, flake or smudge.

The Extension Mascara transforms your lashes into gorgoeus, super long and perfectly curled lashes without any glue.

I love this product, because it’s super easy to use and it delivers incredible results!

Check it out on our Store here:


2. Lash Lifting (from Home)

Have you ever been to a lash lifting session? If so, you know how it works, but also how expensive this can get. That’s why I love our Lash Lifting Kit so much!

It comes with various tools to naturally lift your lashes and make them look absolutely gorgeous!

How it works:

  1. Use the cleanser to clean off oil, dirt and residue from eyes
  2. Apply the eye pads onto the lids close to the lash line
  3. Apply the glue on the eyelash to keep it secure on the pads
  4. Let set for one minute
  5. Use the #1 Perm Lotion on the lashes and let sit for 8-12 minutes
  6. Use the #2 fixing agent on the eyelash, let sit for 8-12 minutes
  7. Clean the eyelashes and lift pads with cleanser, and apply #3 nutrition lotion to the eyelashes
  8. Use the cleaning solution to clean off all residue. Done! Enjoy your beautiful, naturally lifted lashes!

So why pay $80-$120 at the salon when you can get this kit for less than 40$? The Kit lasts up to 8 weeks and comes with 18-20 applications!

For shopping and more details click here:


3. Magnetic Lashes

Have you ever used fake lashes? Then you know how annoying and messy it can get when applying them. Even though they look amazing and still are great for enhancing your lashes, it can be a hassle putting them on.

It wasn’t until we discovered a new type of fake lashes. The Magnetic Lashes. No Glue, No Mess, No Appointment. It is perfect.

Our Magnetic Lashes allow you to achieve that everyday classy, professional, and natural, wide-eyed look just seconds after waking up! To transition to a bolder evening look, simply slide the lashes off, apply eyeliner or your favorite mascara, pop the lashes back on, and voila! Easy, always perfect and all in a jiffy!

Anyone who wants to have gorgeous looking lashes without any hassle whatsoever NEEDS to try these magnetic lashes. Click below for shopping and more details:


Now you know our 3 Tricks and Recommendations on how to get fuller & longer lashes. But don’t leave – we have something for you! If you really want to have long, full and gorgeous lashes use the Discount Code ‚lashes10‘ on one of the products shown in this article to get an additional 10% off! Get your gorgous lashes today – you deserve them!

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Always remember - you are beautiful!

Anna from BeautyTrendings